My unique experience in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors allows me to translate my intuitive interpretation of numbers into real-life strategies for success.  I have one foot firmly planted in both worlds and love to connect the dots for you. Strategic planning using your energy forecast will have a powerful impact on the success of your business and, more importantly, how you feel about it!



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Ideal Client Readings

$50 CAD

Have you pinpointed your niche?  Need help narrowing your focus so you can truly serve the people you were meant to?  Through an Advanced Numerology Reading, you will learn both your specific Archetype and that of your Ideal Client.  Through the use of powerful questions and analysis, you will feel more confident than ever in your mission and offerings.

Business Name Energy Readings

$25 CAD

Are you struggling to settle on a business name that is fully aligned with your energy and mission?  This reading includes interpretation of up to 3 different business names and how they align energetically with you and their purpose.

Program/Event Names + Launch Dates

$16 CAD

Do you have a program you want to launch, but can’t quite put your finger on what to call it?  Looking to leverage the universal energy to help boost sales and conversions?  This reading includes both interpretations of your proposed ideas as well as my inspired thoughts based on your numerological energy and that of the program and people you are serving.

Energy Strategy

Custom Package + Quote

Do you have a task in your business that you do daily, weekly, monthly...yet some days it feels so hard while other days it’s like a walk in the park?   That’s ENERGY.  Energy of the universe and your personal energy intersecting. 

Think of it like wind.  Imagine you plan to go sailing tomorrow, but when you wake up the wind is blowing the opposite direction of where you wanted to go.  Here’s your choice.  You could stick with your plan.  You will sail against the wind all day.  You might get to where you are going, but it’s going to take a longer and you are not going to have any energy for other tasks.  OR you could change directions and go with the energy of the wind.  You’ll get there quickly, and feel better about your journey.
But as a business, you must plan ahead.  You cannot leave your actions to the whim of energy each day.  So we use forecasting.  When we know what the energy is ahead of time, we can plan for it.  

Using your business goals for the year, I create a customized energy strategy through forecasting.  Precise.  Powerful.  Proven results.  And you’re going to feel good doing it!

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-Meredith Dawson

“I am so grateful and inspired by the clarity that Jessica’s gifts have brought to my life, both personally and professionally.  Her insights and intuitive ability to be able to connect the dots creates a strong sense of empowerment as I move through life.