Do you feel a bit disconnected as a family?  Like you’re all running around, doing your own thing, but not always clicking with a shared higher purpose?  By knowing the patterns in our families’ charts and how they intersect, we can parent better.  We can communicate more effectively with our partner.  We can better support our parents.  Everyone can feel understood and connected in a way that can never devalue.  We feel safe, secure, and free to be ourselves.  And in doing so, inspire harmony in our daily lives.  It is truly magical. 

Family Readings

$456 CAD


  • Up to 4 full individual readings, add-ons available

  • Integrated Family Chart: identifies areas in which there are similarities or differences and how best to navigate through them

  • 3-month Forecast: Interpretation of the family chart and how that intersects with the universal energy.

  • Provides tangible suggestions and ideas for moving forward together as a family 


  • Celebrate the uniqueness in all members of the family

  • Understand the complexity of each other be better able to respond to their needs
    True connection

  • Develop faith and trust in each other

  • The freedom to show up as you are within your family unit

  • Create a safe space in the home for everyone.

  • Feel prepared and ready for what is to come

  • Allow you to plan, to dream, and to commit to what feels right for you as a family 

Baby Names

$22 CAD

Are you struggling to decide on your baby's name?  This reading includes interpretation of the energy of up to 3 different names or name combinations and how it intersects with the family energy.



I want kids to dream big!  To believe in themselves and their abilities. To be open to trying new things.  

I work with children’s numerological birth charts within the Family Reading scope, but typically do not discuss the reading with them.

    Instead I focus on energy.  Giving, receiving, harnessing.  Moving it through our body with breath.  Bonus points when it’s FUN!  


Kids Yoga | Preschool Yoga

 A laughter filled practice focusing on basic moves and mantras.  Connection is created in a weekly practice.  I am fully insured with clear CRC, and am a Responsible Adult in ECE in the Child Care Setting.

Teen Chat

12-16 years old

Are you the parent of a teen who wants to help support them in building confidence?  This group meets weekly and through numerology, journal prompts, and yoga works to instill positive affirmations into every day vocabulary.  I am confident in who I am.  I will not compare myself to others.  I am in charge of my emotions. 

Next Session TBA

Namaste Birthday Parties

$150 CAD

Celebrate your birthday with yoga and friends!  Parties include one hour of yoga and themed craft project, which doubles as a party favour!  Join up to 7 of your friends, each on your own physically distanced yoga mat, and celebrate the light in all of us.


All parties include:

  • Individual Yoga Mats for each child, sanitized before and after each use

  • 30 minutes of age appropriate yoga practice (Parties offered for kids ages 3-11)

  • Individually Wrapped Craft Supplies  (Options include:  mala bracelets, essential oil yoga wands, or cookie painting)

  • I come to you!  Host the party in your backyard, nearby park, or in your home (if space allows)

  • Music, Light, and Love



I need to give a shout out to Jessica because her Namaste Birthday Party for our daughter's 5th birthday was the best 'West Coast COVID-friendly' party we could have hoped for. The interaction with the kids, the fun music, yoga by the sea, the party favours (my daughter is obsessed with her DIY yoga wand and uses it every morning). Jessica was awesome with the kids and they loved participating or watched at first and jumped in. I can't say enough good things and highly recommend! Thank you Jessica!



What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of energy and patterns in numbers and the numerical value of letters in words, names, and ideas. Each number has a unique energy, frequency, and vibration to it.

How can numerology help my family?

By getting in tune with our composite energy of our family members, life just feels more harmonious. Numerology gives each individual to change to look inward and focus on themselves while also recognizing how they fit into the larger family unit.

My teenager feels lost. How can you help?

Numerology gives teenagers a permission slip to be different. To celebrate that. Remember going in to your Career Counselor’s office and trying to answer that question, What do you want to do? In our Group Sessions, we explore all realms of possibility - not relying on intellect to answer the question, but rather what’s in our hearts.