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Group Readings

Finding connection in the cards
Acceptance in the numbers

Do you want to learn more about those special people in your life?  Deepen your connections?  Show up as the truest version of yourself and encourage others to do the same?


I know you do, I can feel it!  And that’s why I have created Group Readings!

A unique event, combining numerological energy and channeled messages. Creating connection in the cards and acceptance in the numbers.

This event is best suited for 6-8 people.  Gather your friends, family, colleagues...or create your own group!

Step into Sparkle

Group Readings

$144 CAD

(Taxes Included)

A unique experience guaranteed to help you

accept and connect with others more deeply.


  • Identify and understand the unique gifts that each person is meant to share in the group

  • identify and understand the group dynamic - what is it that connects you all?

  • Spend impactful time with people in your life


  • 90 - minute Session, via Zoom or In Person

  • Individual numerology readings for each person

  • Composite group energetic reading - what is the connection? What message is for the group?

  • Suggested 6-8 people per session

Event scheduled upon booking.

Contact me for availability.

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