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What do your numbers say about you?

Do you notice numbers everywhere you look?  Curious about what they mean and what messages they are sending your way?  Do you want to understand yourself more deeply?


Join us for a fun night of connection with numerology!

I help women just like you feel more confident, in control, and joyful by empowering you to discover your unique energy and harness it!  Numerology will provide you with a scientific energetic framework in which you can truly understand your gifts and embrace your challenges.  Each number has a unique energy, frequency, and vibration to it - and by knowing your numbers, you will find peace in the present and not wait one more day to start living fully, in your own true expression. 

Each woman who joins will get a live numerology reading - focusing on your Ruling Number, Energy Grid, Sun Card, and whatever other energy wants to play with us.  You'll have the chance to ask questions from your heart, and receive answers from mine.

You see, when I see numbers, I see truth.  Every single numerology chart has different patterns, nuances, and codes that help to slowly peel away the layer we have created around ourselves to protect what's inside.  The fire, that special sparkle, is there deep in your soul - it just needs to get ignited with confidence and knowing.


Monday October 10, 2022

8:00 PM (Perth Time)

Via Zoom

$20 CAD

Members of Ladies HQ: VIP Shed Sponsors get 25% off!

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Numerology Night

A night with the numbers, exclusively for Ladies HQ!


“I am so grateful and inspired by the clarity that Jessica’s gifts have brought to my life, both personally and professionally.  Her insights and intuitive ability to be able to connect the dots creates a strong sense of empowerment as I move through life.

-Meredith Dawson

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