Do you feel a bit disconnected as a family?  Like you’re all running around, doing your own thing, but not always clicking with a shared higher purpose?  By knowing the patterns in our families’ charts and how they intersect, we can parent better. 

We can communicate more effectively with our partner.  We can better support our parents.  Everyone can feel more supported, more understood, and more connected in a way that can never devalue.  We feel safe, secure, and free to be ourselves.  And in doing so, inspire harmony in our daily lives.  It is truly magical.

Family Readings

  • Features:

    •  Up to 4 mini-blue prints and full individual readings, add-ons available
    • Integrated Family Chart:  identifies areas in which there are similarities or differences and how best to navigate through them
    • 3-month Forecast:  Interpretation of the family chart and how that intersects with the universal energy.  Provides tangible suggestions and ideas for moving forward together as a family 


    • Celebrate the uniqueness in all members of the family
    • Understand the complexity of each other be better able to respond to their needs
    • True connection
    • Develop faith and trust in each other
    • The freedom to show up as you are within your family unit
    • Create a safe space in the home for everyone.
    • Feel prepared and ready for what is to come
    • Allow you to plan, to dream, and to commit to what feels right for you as a family