How do you feel about your name?

Does it fit you like a glove, or does it feel more like a sweater that’s a size too small?  I’m sure you know someone who goes by their middle name because they feel more aligned with it.  Or friends who have a nickname that just sticks.  And of course, the age old question everyone asks a woman when she gets married….are you going to change your name?


If you are contemplating a name change or just want to learn more about the energy your name carries, numerology can interpret the inner and outer influences or energy of a name to help you follow your intuition and decide what feels most true to you.  

Name Energy

  • This reading includes interpretation of up to 3 different names, and how they intersect with personal and universal energy.  Numerology calculations can be applied to any combination of first, middle and last name, potential business names, and even when choosing baby names!