When I see numbers, I see truth.  Every single numerology chart has different patterns, nuances, and codes that help to slowly peel away the layer we have created around ourselves to protect what’s inside.  The fire, that special sparkle, is there deep in your soul – it just needs to get IGNITED with confidence and knowing.The Step Into Your Sparkle:  VIP Experience is that ignition.  It’s not only the empowering knowledge of what is in your unique birth chart, it’s you truly being seen and heard.  Dedicated to you, your wants, your desires, your questions.  It’s like a spa treatment for your soul – you will leave rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to own your superpowers!As I calculate your numbers and interpret their meaning, my belief in you is born.  Because numbers don’t lie.  But I don’t just want you to know your numbers, I want you to understand them, to embody them.  That’s why with every reading, I include the private session dedicated to you alone.  At the start of that hour, you may need to borrow my belief.  But by the end, YOU OWN IT!

Step Into Your Sparkle: VIP Experience

  • Features:

    • 60 minutes private VIP Session (via Zoom or Phone) to understand, ask questions, and integrate
    • Written Report, including visuals and powerful journal activations
    • Includes information on your Ruling Number, Energy Grid, Personal Day, Personal Year, and Seasonal Patterns
    • Optional 3-month Forecast:  a powerful interpretation of your personal energy and how it intersects with the universal energy of the next three months so that you make the MOST of what is to come



    • Identify and understand your unique gifts
    • Be aware of the obstacles in your life and identify ways to use your energy to overcome them
    • Feel more aligned with your true inner self.