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Return To You

The Journey of Your Rebirth

Society labels it a mid-life crisis.  We feel otherwise.


"Mid-life" is an opportunity to reflect, to get curious, to shed your skin, to commit to yourself, to forgive, to take responsibility and take risks, to integrate...

It's a return to YOU.

And if you're thinking...wait, I don't even know who I am anymore...well then, you're in the right place.

45 is a significant age milestone. Why? Because it’s the year of your energetic rebirth!

You have the same numerological/energetic influence in your 45th year as you do when you were born. This “rebirth” represents an opportunity to come back into alignment of who you were meant to be without societal influence. We get a second chance to experience who we are at the core – this time, with more awareness than we had when we were a baby. This rebirthing can feel like a beautiful coming home OR a confusing mess – depending on how aligned you are going in to it.

This is NOT to say you are being asked to return to your “younger” self – although this definitely explains why the typical “mid-life crisis” happens around this time. Buying a fast car, changing your hair, all in an effort to feel younger. The truth is, the energy is asking you to feel more like yourself – regardless of age.

This concept is also why your 40s may feel out of sorts - in fact the years 42-49 are a powerful transit period. This pre-rebirth is like being pregnant with a child that is to be you! The more soul searching work you can do while you are “pregnant" with yourself, the more powerful and positive your rebirth will be.  The years after the re-birth are also an important time, when you must treat yourself with care, love, and attention - just like you would a newborn.


This is why we have created RETURN TO YOU: The Journey of Your Rebirth.  An amazing container to support you in this powerful energy cycle.  Are you feeling pulled to experience life in a new way?

Step into Sparkle

Return To You

$333 CAD/month (Taxes Included)

Nine month journey, September 2022 - May 2023

Early Bird pricing until 11:59 PM PT August 31, 2022  *Receive your final month FREE

A powerful program for the curious woman, ages 42-49


  • Connect to you and your unique intuitive energy

  • Connect with other likeminded humans for an extended time while you grow individually 

  • Find ways to express yourself authentically

  • Align and build your spiritual practices

  • Journey in a safe, supportive container - fully seen and heard in your experiences


  • Monthly in-person retreat sessions: 4th Saturday of each month 9am-noon PT in North Vancouver, BC (except Dec)

  • Weekly Group Energy Healing Sessions via Zoom: Wednesdays at 7pm PT

  • Monthly "Messages in a Bottle" live intuitive readings via Zoom: 1st Saturday of each month 8am-9am PT

  • A supportive and personalized rebirth plan and kit, filled with tools and tangible items, including numerology readings and forecasts, Reiki training and sessions, flower essences, and more!

  • Meditations, journal prompts, energetic calendar, and inspiring ideas - all housed in an easy to access online portal

Cindy Ryan

My name is Cindy Ryan, an intuitive guide and Reiki Master based in North Vancouver, BC. I am humbled to be able to help  humans to find their uplifting, honest inner voice. Working together, we connect back to the inner tools and techniques to achieve an open, balanced life! I am the first to admit that when one commits to the journey of themselves- it will be beautiful but it won’t be all rainbows.  The one thing that is a guarantee, you will be safe when you choose yourself. 

She is 45 years young.

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Jessica Cerato

Jessica Cerato is a Certified Numerologist + Energy Strategist on a mission to help you prioritize intuition over intellect through the power of numbers.  She loves new ideas and connecting the dots and patterns in the world.  Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, she has always felt connected with her guides - but now, she listens to them!  She lives with her husband and two young girls in North Vancouver, BC and loves spending time in the forest, by the ocean, and dancing in her kitchen.

She is 43 years young.

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energy love numbers

A message from our hearts to yours...


We are here to remind you of who you are, when you forget. To be your cheerleader, as you live each day in the present moment while preparing for the future.  Think of us as your spiritual doulas, as you journey toward your rebirth.  We are honored to walk this path with you, as we know all too well what it feels like.  If you have questions and would like to chat, please reach out to schedule a 15-minute call with either of us.



Cindy helps you access your light even when you can't see it yourself. She's with you on the journey and is unabashedly herself which frees you up to be yourself too. Hands down a wonderful natural healer. You are in great hands!


Jessica unfolded my life's blueprint while she pointed out my past, present, and future through numerology.  This helped me step back and take a review on my life and helped me understand that it's MY choice on how I want to move forward.  Cindy guided me to take my blindfold off and to start living with my eyes wide open.  I thought living on auto pilot was what we were "supposed" to be doing. She helped me get my intuition back, realize that I have a purpose in this life and that I understand energy.  Jessica and Cindy helped me feel heard and are truly incredible to work with.


Jessica and her work makes me feel like I have a secret weapon in my back pocket! Because I DO! Her knowledge, insight and energy is such a fantastic add to my life. It provides an insight into where I am, where I'm going and what else is possible.

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