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The School of You

Where self-discovery is the only class!

Come with me, back to the days of Trapper Keepers, paper bag book covers, and the magic of a clean slate...

Do you juggle a busy life, taking care of everyone and everything but yourself? Are you so connected in with the needs of others that you feel disconnected with yourself and what it is you want?

Do you yearn for a place where you can begin piecing together the synchronicities and little gut nudges you experience into messages that make sense to you?  AND that you can actually apply and help you make decisions in your life? Does it feel exciting to think about uncovering new-to-you talents and gifts that will add richness, fun and more meaning to your life?

Are you looking for ways to combine spirituality with your daily life, like...traveling into the Akashic Records and still making it to your kids soccer game on time? Or instead of spending 30 minutes on Google trying to figure out what a brown feather symbolizes, trusting your first instinct that says your Grandma is here and telling you go right instead of left....

We share your story. Both of us embarked on our "spiritual journeys" later in life, discovering our own intuitive gifts and the profound power of energy healing. Our mission is to empower women like you to recognize your innate abilities and prioritize self-discovery and growth so that you can unravel yourself from the stresses of life and radiate more joy, confidence, and peace instead.

That's why we founded The School Of YOU!

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At the School Of You, this in-person experience is designed to help you harness the power of your unique energy and navigate the upcoming chapters of your life with clarity and purpose. Just like the nostalgic memories of trapper keepers and book covers, this program is a reminder that we can always tap into the magic of new beginnings and connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


We have crafted a unique program that meets you exactly where you are in life. Our monthly sessions, priced at just $33 each (how's that for affordable tuition?), are designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, harness positive energy, and embrace your full potential so that you can share your ideas and experiences confidently with others.  We hone in on the four pillars of self, self-love, self-belief, self-worth, and self-grow, to build stability in our lives!

The School of You Experience:

Every month, we dive into a new theme that touches upon key areas of your life. With subjects like these, this is a school you won't want to skip!

Month 1: Love & Relationships: Learn to connect more deeply with yourself and those you care about.

Month 2: Unveiling Thoughts, Stories, and Beliefs: Explore the beliefs that shape your life and discover how to align them with your true desires.

Month 3: Navigating Values, Money & Abundance: Uncover blocks that may be holding you back from financial success, wealth, and abundance.

Month 4: Growth & Transformation: Take a journey within to cultivate lasting personal growth and transformation.

What to expect:

In each two-hour session, we guide you through an experience that includes...

Guided Meditation and Visualization: Relax and center yourself as you explore the depths of your intuition.

Journaling: Uncover insights and clarity as you put your thoughts onto paper.

1-1 Intuitive Readings: Receive personalized guidance from both of us, including insight on your numerology chart

Reflection and Sharing: Connect with a community of like-minded women who understand your journey.


Via Zoom

Link provided at registration

Flexible Options For Your Busy Life

Choose to attend individual sessions that resonate with you or get your whole degree in self. The choice is yours, and we're here to support you every step of the way!

Invest In Yourself

Our sessions are not just about personal growth; they're also an opportunity to have a fun night out focusing solely on yourself. Investing in your well-being is the most rewarding investment you can make.


Step into Sparkle

The School of You

$33 per session (Taxes Included)

Via Zoom

Link to be provided at registration

Thursday September 21st

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Pacific Time

Thursday October 19th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Wednesday November 15th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Thursday December 14th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Cindy Ryan

My name is Cindy Ryan, an intuitive guide and Reiki Master based in North Vancouver, BC. I am humbled to be able to help  humans to find their uplifting, honest inner voice. Working together, we connect back to the inner tools and techniques to achieve an open, balanced life! I am the first to admit that when one commits to the journey of themselves- it will be beautiful but it won’t be all rainbows.  The one thing that is a guarantee, you will be safe when you choose yourself. 

She is 46 years young.

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Jessica Cerato

Jessica Cerato is a Certified Numerologist + Energy Strategist on a mission to help you prioritize intuition over intellect through the power of numbers.  She loves new ideas and connecting the dots and patterns in the world.  Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, she has always felt connected with her guides - but now, she listens to them!  She lives with her husband and two young girls in North Vancouver, BC and loves spending time in the forest, by the ocean, and dancing in her kitchen.

She is 43 years young.

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Cindy helps you access your light even when you can't see it yourself. She's with you on the journey and is unabashedly herself which frees you up to be yourself too. Hands down a wonderful natural healer. You are in great hands!


Jessica unfolded my life's blueprint while she pointed out my past, present, and future through numerology.  This helped me step back and take a review on my life and helped me understand that it's MY choice on how I want to move forward.  Cindy guided me to take my blindfold off and to start living with my eyes wide open.  I thought living on auto pilot was what we were "supposed" to be doing. She helped me get my intuition back, realize that I have a purpose in this life and that I understand energy.  Jessica and Cindy helped me feel heard and are truly incredible to work with.


Jessica and her work makes me feel like I have a secret weapon in my back pocket! Because I DO! Her knowledge, insight and energy is such a fantastic add to my life. It provides an insight into where I am, where I'm going and what else is possible.

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