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Momentum Mastermind

A group to grow and go!

The world needs numerology.  You are meant to share it in your own unique way.  What are you waiting for?

Do you love numbers?  Do you have an urge to serve the world with your unique gifts but sometimes lack clarity in how you should do this?  Would you like to spend time with like-minded numerologists who provide honest feedback, cheer you on, and create safe spaces to hone your craft?  This Mastermind is for you. 


For the new numerologist, gain your first paying clients. For the established numerologist, create a process for generating new clients and share your work with more people. By the end of the mastermind, you will have a clear pathway for creating recurring revenue in your business.  

But this isn't just a business mastermind.  You will hone your skills and learn how to effectively translate numerology into a language for your clients to hear.  

In this 4-month container, you will...

  • Create, or refine, a signature offer, guaranteed to bring more of your Ideal Client to you

  • Actually deliver your Signature Offer for proof of concept and receive feedback to improve before bringing to market

  • Create marketing strategy around your Signature Offer and test it

  • Reduce time taken to interpret and write a report by 50%

  • Become 10X more confident in your ability as a reader

  • Increase gross revenue

  • Reduce overwhelm around the calculations by creating simple processes so you can focus on the interpretations

  • Become able to pinpoint areas of chart to focus on more effectively

  • Access an established community to provide intro offers and help people on my wait list.  There is also potential for guest spots in Numbers Don’t Lie and other online groups. what are some of the things we'll be doing so you can actually achieve all of that?

  • Take complex numerological concepts and learn to translate them into every day language to serve others better.

  • Go deeper into your own chart to uncover hidden gems and then learn through experience and share

  • Get feedback on interpretations, report, templates, and forecasting skills through live practice.

  • You will be given opportunities in both a group and 1-1 settings to hone your craft.  

  • Develop unique ways based on your own numerology to either build a business OR incorporate numerology into an already established business

  • Through meditation and other unique processes, I will help you connect with numbers and cards more intimately

Momentum Mastermind

$1888 CAD Pay in Full


$500 CAD/month for 4 months

Next Cohort Scheduled for:

January - April 2023

Intimate container

Enrollment is now open, secure your spot and check out the Fast Action Bonus below!

First live session = January 11, 2023

An intimate container for you to build momentum


  • Must have completed New To Numbers or the equivalent training

  • Must have completed Next Level Numbers or the equivalent training

  • Must be curious and ready to explore new concepts

  • Willing to express ideas in group calls AND practice in a safe space


  • Bi-weekly group calls - 2 hrs each (Total of 8 sessions), scheduled on the 2nd + 4th Wednesday of each month 11am-1pm PT

  • Voxer day support during the weeks we do not meet (Total of 8 days)

  • 1-1 30-minute session each month (a total of 4)

  • Powerful container to hone your intuition and skills - you will be asked to participate in a variety of ways to build confidence and provide feedback to others

Ensuring accessibility to my programs is important to me. 

If none of these payment plans work for you, please reach out.


  The first 3 people to register will receive a 1-1 60 Minute Clarity Call with me (Valued at $250)

An opportunity to dive deeper into your chart, your numbers, your business, your past lives...the possibilities are endless!  But whatever you choose, I guarantee you leave with more clarity and confidence.


I am here to support you!  If you have questions about which course is for you, payments plans, bonuses (or really, anything), please get in touch!


"What I learned from Jessica, in this course, blew my mind. Jessica brought a fresh perspective to numerology, that allowed me to tap into my intuition on a whole new level. "

— Farah B.


"I now have a deeper understanding of who I truly am, who I was born to be and what my purpose is in this lifetime. Jessica makes learning about numerology so fun and easy. She teaches it in way that really makes sense and can be applied immediately to real life. I'm really excited about what I've learned and how much I've grown personally, and professionally, from taking this course."

— Amanda C.

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