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My Story Of The Seven

My Story Of The Seven


My first publication, copyright October 8, 2023


I've always wanted to write a book.  So when the opportunity to contribute to a collaborative anthology on my favorite subject, numerology, came my way in late 2021, I jumped at it. 


What transpired was nothing like I had ever imagined. 


And yet, as I write this today I realize: it's never truly about 'the thing' you think it is, is it?  There is always a lesson to be learned, a reason why a particular experience comes your way.  There is always a story within a story.


In my newly published book, "My Story of The Seven," I delve into the power of the number 7, the original story I wrote for the project that never got published. But it's not just about that; it's about the lessons learned, the unexpected experiences, and the stories within stories that unfolded. For this reason, I also share the story behind the scenes of my experience throughout this process. Let me tell you, it was a ride! 

My hope is that this book will inspire you to see setbacks as steppingstones on your path to rediscovering your true self, to step into your power and embrace your greatness.

Your dreams and stories are uniquely yours, and they deserve to be reclaimed, reignited, and shared with the world.

Because the truth is, it's not about me.  It's about the 7.  The 7 is powerful.  And so are YOU!

All proceeds from this publication will be directly reinvested into my next physical book project, launching soon!

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