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New To Numbers Now!

New To Numbers Now!


8 Perspective Shifting Modules: Designed in a specific sequence that builds your knowledge and confidence at the same time! Each module includes written resources, recorded videos, guided visualizations, and meditations that will uncover and reveal new layers as you go deeper into your chart.  Topics include Ruling Number, Underlying Influences, Energy Grid, Isolations, Missing Numbers, Personal Year/Month/Day, Seasonal Peaks+ Valleys, and so much more!

Instant Access:  No waiting around for new content to be released.  Get all the goods right off the bat, and go at your own pace. This allows you to take time in between to let it sink in OR binge watch - whichever you prefer.

Forever VIP Access: Go back and deepen your experience whenever and wherever you want, you'll always have access to this course and the resources and support that come with it.

Live Jam Sessions: Monthly Zoom sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions, work on charts, experience universal energy, and more!  What you'll learn about numerology is that we all connect with it differently, and by hearing other perspectives, it will deepen your understanding and help you to connect more with others in your life.

Connected Community: A curated Facebook group, with prompts for reflection, encouragement, and mirroring for others those ah-ha moments as you learn.  You'll join a dynamic group of over 150 students who are all as excited about numbers as you are!

Real Time Support: Got burning questions? Submit to me anytime through a made for you Google Form, and I'll hit you back within 48 hours. This will help you stay in the momentum as you learn, not waiting for feedback or getting stuck on a topic.


More Outcomes:

Intuitive Ninja Skills: Master the art of reading numbers and speaking the language of numerology like a boss.  My students tell me it's my unique visualization techniques that help them access the numbers as clearly as as they do.  AND that this skill translates to other areas of their life.

All Access Pass to YOUR Chart: Unlock secrets about your entire Pythagorean chart and be able to do the same for others. No matter what the question, you've got the answer!  Why?  Because we start with the Energy Grid, the foundation of numerology.  While most other courses start with the Ruling Number and provide resources to read and memorize, I start with the Energy Grid and provide resources to access your own intuitive wisdom in addition to my own unique written resources.

Forecasting Abilities: Become an energy "meteorologist" so you're ready for any weather.  Listening to a Universal Forecast is like hearing the weather, a Personal Forecast is hearing the weather AND knowing your exact location.  It's no use watching a weather channel in Florida when you live in North Dakota, right?  It's the same with energy - and the more you reflect on your forecasting, the more confident and connected your intuition will become.

Linguistic Insights: Understand how numbers interact with languages and names so you can more mindfully connect your words with your energy and become more precise in your communication.

Upon purchase of this course, you will receive a link to create your student account and gain access to the course immediately!

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C$175.00every month for 2 months
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