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Next Level Numbers

Next Level Numbers


Next Level Numbers focuses on the ancient wisdom traced back as far as Atlantis.  The Magi hid an amazingly accurate system of knowledge in a form that could be passed down through generations, transcending the boundaries of languages and cultural landscapes.  They hid this system in a deck of cards.

This course will focus on the limitless information we can glean from this deck - including your Birth Spread and how your energy shifts with each season.  I teach in a way that inspires sparks of curiosity, which will grow to flames of purpose as we add onto our learnings each week.

This is NOT a business course (but you can use numerology in your business if you have one).  This course IS designed for you to dive deep and explore your chart.  So you don't just see how the cards fit together, you feel it.  This feeling turns to knowing and can be translated to powerful readings for others in your life, if you feel called to share.

Live Weekly Classes, pre-recorded content, unlimited Voxer support, and lifetime access to the course and all resources provides a variety of supports for all learning styles.



  • 8 90-minute Live Calls via Zoom, held weekly

  • Pre-recorded content to support the live learning, released weekly

  • Lifetime access to resources and replays, mad-lib style templates, and community support in a user-friendly student portal + ongoing monthly group sessions to support your integration

  • Powerful container to hone your intuition - both in the calls and in between calls, full support by myself and the group via Voxer messenger app



  • Interpret and write your "Life Story", including lifetime karmic lessons

  • Be able to forecast for yourself and others

  • Become aware of your seasonal influences, and how you inherently think, plan, work, receive, dream, and communicate

  • Relationship Connections - identify core contracts between cards and unearth gifts shared between people

Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment Plan #1
$444 monthly for 2 months
C$444.00every month for 2 months
Payment Plan #2
$296 monthly for 3 months
C$296.00every month for 3 months
Payment Plan #3
$222 monthly for 4 months
C$222.00every month for 4 months
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