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Reveal Your Purpose

Reveal Your Purpose


You think you *should* feel fulfilled, but something feels off. You don't know why, but you have the urge to be more, do more, or have's time to Reveal Your Purpose!


This reading will decode how you think, feel, connect, take action, and receive blessings.  You'll learn about the biggest lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime and how to embrace them.  We'll uncover secret dreams and desires, karmic influences, AND the key to unlocking your entire chart...the inspired action that will lead to your greatest results.  



  • 60 minutes private VIP Session (via Zoom) to understand, ask questions, and integrate. You will receive the recording.​

  • Written report, including personal affirmations and powerful journal activations​

  • Includes information on your lifetime influences, how you inherently think, plan, work, receive, dream, and communicate​

  • Learn the most important ACTION you can take and the resulting effect, as well as your most important life lessons



  • Feel more confident in your purpose

  • Less indecision and more doing

  • Identify which influence (aka superpower) in your chart has been neglected, so you can be catapulted forward and share the truth of who you are, and the mission you’re meant to fulfill in this world

  • Determine what action you need to take in order to show up as your best self in life!


Upon choosing this reading, you will receive an automated booking link to choose your time.  In that booking, you provide me with your birthday, and any relevent information, specific questions or focus you have.

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