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Reveal Your Year Ahead

Reveal Your Year Ahead


Are you wanting more clarity in the year ahead? Wondering where to focus your energy?   This unique reading combines numerological concepts and is guaranteed to help you feel more confident when planning your next steps.  


  • 60 Minute VIP Zoom Session, you will receive the recording

  • Written report

  • ​Hones in on  your overaching focus for the year AND breaks the year down into 7 distinct seasons with corresponding energy influences​

  • Powerful questions, affirmations, and insights to help you harness the energy and make the most of the year ahead



  • Knowing your biggest support AND biggest challenge for the year ahead, you can plan with more confidence

  • Gain clarity on a specific time period 

  • Understand your energetic rhythm and begin to integrate strategy into your work, life, or both

  • Experience more peace and ease, going with the energy, not against it.


Upon choosing this reading, you will receive an automated booking link to choose your time.  In that booking, you provide me with your birthday, and any relevent information, specific questions or focus you have.


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