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I’ve done all the classic personality assessments - and they are valuable. But they are always done through the lens of self determination. Think about it.  You fill out a survey answering questions about how you view yourself.  Your personality. This personality is what we present to the world. And in some ways it’s different than our true self. What we really need to focus on is our inner self. Our beautiful light inside us just waiting to shine - which for many of us is kept hidden away behind a locked door.  

The awesome news is YOU ALREADY HAVE THE KEY.  And that key is your birth chart. 

How that birth chart is interpreted is called Numerology and that is what I help you uncover and embrace.

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When I see numbers, I see truth.  Every single numerology chart has different patterns, nuances, and codes that help to slowly peel away the layer we have created around ourselves to protect what’s inside.  The fire, that special sparkle, is there deep in your soul – it just needs to get IGNITED with confidence and knowing.

Step into Sparkle

Step into Your Sparkle

$197 CAD

New to numerology?  Start here! The Step Into Your Sparkle:  VIP Experience is not only the empowering knowledge of what is in your unique birth chart, it’s you truly being seen and heard.  Dedicated to you, your wants, your desires, your questions.  It’s like a spa treatment for your soul – you will leave rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to own your superpowers!


As I calculate your numbers and interpret their meaning, my belief in you is born.  Because numbers don’t lie.  But I don’t just want you to know your numbers, I want you to understand them, to embody them.  That’s why with every reading, I include the private session dedicated to you alone.  At the start of that hour, you may need to borrow my belief.  But by the end, YOU OWN IT!


  • Identify and understand your unique gifts, this is a beautiful start to your numerology wisdom

  • Be aware of the obstacles in your life and identify ways to use your energy to overcome them

  • Feel more aligned with your true inner self


  • 60 minutes private VIP Session (via Zoom) to understand, ask questions, and integrate. You will receive the recording.

  • Written Report, including visuals and powerful journal activations

  • Includes information on your Ruling Number, Energy Grid, Personal Day, Personal Year, and Seasonal Patterns

  • Based on your energetic patterns, I include questions to ponder and suggestions for joy.  Real life action steps to get you started!


Love Your Life!

$297 CAD

You think you *should* feel fulfilled, but something feels off. You don't know why, but you have the urge to be more, do more, or have's time to LOVE YOUR LIFE, for real.


In the Book of Life, your path is revealed - while your Ruling Number is you, your Sun Card is your Job Description!  This reading will decode how you think, feel, connect, take action, and receive blessings.  You'll learn about the biggest lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime and how to embrace them.  We'll uncover secret dreams and desires, karmic influences, AND the key to unlocking your entire chart...the inspired action that will lead to your greatest results.


  • Feel more confident in your work

  • Less indecision and more doing

  • Identify which influence (aka superpower) in your chart has been neglected, so you can be catapulted forward and share the truth of who you are, and the mission you’re meant to fulfill in this world

  • Determine what action you need to take in order to show up as your best self in life!


  • 60 minutes private VIP Session (via Zoom) to understand, ask questions, and integrate. You will receive the recording.

  • Written report, including personal affirmations and powerful journal activations

  • Includes information on your lifetime influences, how you inherently think, plan, work, receive, dream, and communicate

  • Learn the most important ACTION you can take and the resulting effect, as well as your most important life lessons

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Ladies night

Ladies Night In

$100 CAD

Do you crave connection with purpose?  Fun with your friends?  Sometimes the best way to get out of your head is into your body - and this event does both!  *Available via Zoom or in person as provincial health guidelines allow.


  • Fun way to celebrate a special occasion

  • Share special connection between friends and family


  • 1 hr event, scheduled as you would like from the following activities:

    • Live Numerology Readings​

    • Yoga

    • Oracle Cards

    • Conversation Starters

Year Long Support

$1,997 CAD

*Payment plans starting at $167 per month available,

contact me for link.

This is for those who are fully committed to growth.  I will guide you over the year ahead with numerological precision - forecasting energetic opportunities AND supporting you to say YES to them!


  • Feel energetically supported all year long

  • If you are the type of person who starts off strong, but then gets off track, I will guide you back.

  • I will both challenge and support you to live your best life! 


  • Year Ahead Forecast (see above for details)

  • 7 Seasonal Sessions - we meet      1-1 for 60 minutes every 52 days to get you prepared for the transition.  Recording provided.

  • 1 day of Voxer Support per month (total of 12) to keep you on track with your dreams and desires

Year Ahead Forecast

$297 CAD

Are you wanting more clarity in the year ahead? Wondering where to focus your energy - either at home, at work, or both?  This unique reading combines numerological concepts from both the Pythagorean learnings + Book Of Life - guaranteed to help you feel more confident when planning your next steps.


  • 60 Minute VIP Zoom Session, you will receive the recording

  • Written forecast that zooms out first to determine 13 year, 9 year, and 7 year influences and then hones in on your 5 year-long influence cards to give you an overarching focus

  • ​Breaks the year down into 7 distinct seasons with corresponding energy influences

  • Powerful questions and insights to help you harness the energy and make the most of the year ahead


  • Knowing your biggest support AND biggest challenge for the year ahead, you can plan with more confidence

  • Gain clarity on a specific time period 

  • Understand your energetic rhythm and begin to integrate strategy into your work, life, or both

  • Experience more peace and ease, going with the energy, not against it.

Clarity Call

Clarity Call

$250 CAD

Love seat coaching, at it's finest.  This reading is like an energetic tune-up, and can be used for whatever is top of mind for you. *This call is for returning clients only.


  • Get clarity on a specific issue or topic

  • Leave with actionable steps, aka homework, to move forward with confidence


  • 60 minute session, via Zoom

  • Recording provided

  • 1 day of Voxer support following session

  • Deep dive into your calculated chart + intuitive/channeled guidance

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  • What is numerology?
    Numerology is the study of energy and patterns in numbers and the numerical value of letters in words, names, and ideas. Each number has a unique energy, frequency, and vibration to it.
  • What type of numerology do you practice?
    I am certified in Practical and Advanced Numerology theory, based on the work of Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and philosopher who lived from 569 to 470 BC. Pythagoras began his theory of numbers by discovering the numerical relationship between numbers and musical notes - finding that the vibrations in stringed instruments could be mathematically explained. The Pythagorean method uses an individual's name and date of birth and as well as theories of universal energy and vibration.
  • Can’t I just run my own numbers on the internet?
    Sure, you can run your numbers - but a certified numerologist can help you turn that knowledge into wisdom. In my readings, I provide you with an in-depth understanding of what they mean and how they intersect with the world around you. I hold a non-judgmental mirror up, so you can take a pure honest look at yourself and give you journal prompt activations and suggestions to feel more aligned.
  • What else can I use numerology for?
    In addition to Personal Energy/Birthchart Interpretations, there is also Universal Energy. Energy that is available to all of us, on any given day. By knowing this forecast, we can learn to harness the energy and schedule accordingly - giving us more efficiency, freedom, and joy.
  • How does the Couple Reading Work?  What is composite energy?
    Composite energy is the combination of two people to form a unique relationship. It’s not about opposite energy, it’s about complementary energy. This can give you a unique perspective into your relationship and help start a non-judgemental conversation about what’s going on for both of you.
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