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Jessica Cerato

Professional Numerologist + Energy Strategist




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Jessica Cerato


On a mission to make numbers mainstream...As a former corporate executive, I know first hand how much pressure there can be to make the right decisions - especially when those decisions are about change.  Even when I was at the point of burn out, I continued to push forward on the same path -  telling myself that if I just worked a little harder everything would fall into place. It never did.  Until I discovered numerology.  Rooted in science and math, this system provided my mind with the clarity it craved, allowing my heart to guide the way. When I started to embrace my own unique path and numbers and actually made changes to apply it to my life, I experienced a remarkable shift. The fog lifted, and the skies opened.  I could see clearly again.  And from this new perspective, confidence emerged, empowering me to make decisions that ultimately led me back home to myself.

So...who am I?  I'm your mentor, strategist, and energy translator - digging into the energy of dates, numbers, and patterns, translating them into everyday language to empower you move forward with confidence and joy.   I'm your ally in the pursuit of purpose, because I know how important that is to you.  When you're ready, I am here - and spoiler: if you're here, you're ready. 

Remember, the time is ALWAYS right to choose you.

Ways To Work With Me


One to One Readings

Working with me 1-1 is a catalyst for growth because positive change cannot happen without having new awarenesses.  Through your unique numerology chart with me as your guide, you will see yourself, and your life, in a light that you will love. I can guarantee that your numerology reading with me will inspire you to in ways you have never considered before. Get ready to feel seen and understood, validated and accepted as you are, and empowered to step into full authenticity.


Learn Numerology 

When I first learned numerology, my life became so much clearer.  Not only in the present moment, but also in the rearview mirror.  It allowed me to accept my decisions and desires, while at the same time truly understand why others choose differently. My life went from running around like a chicken with my head cut off to more like a chicken on a mission. And here's the thing, it's not just about the numbers, it's about the knowing. Yes, you'll learn the calculations and the interpretations, but in my numerology courses, you won't rely on them. Instead, you will connect with a language for your intuition and build confidence to express it. This is what sets my teaching apart and what makes my courses truly unique. 

Subscription Service

Ever feel like some days you cruise through life hitting every single green light? And other days, it's constant red. That is universal energy.  And while we can't change it, we CAN harness and work with it. This is the magic of forecasting and why I created my subscription service called The Uncommon Denominator for YOU! Having your very own numerologist in your back pocket is like having a meteorologist right inside your front door. You'll feel prepared, confident, and lighter as you step out into the world as the biggest, brightest, version of you!

Jessica has a magical spark like no other when it comes to numerology and her intuition.  Witnessing her mind and soul work together as she leans into the numbers is electrifying.  Working with Jessica brings so much clarity, excitement, and joy to life!

- Nancy

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What's Your Ruling Number?

The first step to truly owning your unique gifts is understanding them!  Calculating your Ruling Number is a powerful exercise to help you learn more about how you are meant to show up in the world. 

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